The future of the archive

What do you want to happen to your work and archive?

“I hope all my work can be useful and interesting to people both now and in the future. It’s a snapshot of an issue i.e. religious life on Soho Road in Birmingham at a very particular time.”

“I’m interested in placing my work where it can be accessible. I want the images to be used and I would like my work to be seen in different places.” A set of prints of Under Gods has been acquired for Birmingham Library’s photographic collection and several institutions are interested in acquiring the religious objects including the National Centre for Craft and Design and the Immigration Museum in Paris. She hopes that other institutions will acquire bodies of work in the future.

"Now my entire digital archive is organised with Agence VU it becomes an accessible database for those wanting to see more of my work now or in the future.

"I am keen for my work to go into a collection or archive as long as I have control over how it would be used and made accessible."

Invite for exhibition opening and book launch at Host Gallery, London, 2011