Case Studies

This section provides examples of how various photographers at different career stages are aproaching managing their archives and making them available to a wider public. They don't provide specific guidance, or a blueprint for photographers to follow; rather, they are intended to highlight the different approaches of individual photographers and help them think through the implications for their own practice given their own personal ambitions.

You can find here:

- three long case studies - on Daniel Meadows, Mark Power and Liz Hingley;

- stories from Jem Southam's archive - an introduction and a growing series of narratives relating to images Jem has discovered in his archive;

- the first of a series of shorter 'profiles' of photographers who are thinking about archive issues - starting with Michelle Sank.

Image right: Jem Southam: original 5x4 contacts from his Bristol City Docks work, late 1970's