Photographers' Archives Study Day

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 15 October, 2011

This study day at the Victoria and Albert Museum brought together a wide range of contributors from national and regional collecting institutions, universities, galleries and dealers and photographers.

The discussions addressed:

What is the case for photographers' archives? Why is it important?

  • A separate case for photography
  • The difference between collecting work and collecting an archive
  • Splitting up bodies of work
  • Defining the period (analogue, post-war, independent photography)
  • Other models to look at

Issues for individual photographers 

  • Guidance on planning and organising work and archives and examples
  • What material are we talking about?
  • Copyright issues

Issues for institutions

  • Lack of space and resources
  • Ensuring public access

See below for full notes of the discussions and a list of attendees