Case Studies

The case studies profile some of the ways in which photographers plan and organise their work and its legacy as part of their professional practice. In these case studies, three photographers at different career stages - Daniel Meadows, Mark Power and Liz Hingley - consider the problems and challenges of their archives and how they are addressing them. The questions they address can apply for many photographers in similar situations:

  • What do you consider to be your archive?
  • What state is it in; how is it organised?
  • What do you want to happen to your work and archive? (Held with family, public collection, public access etc)
  • Have you thought about the implications of a public institution or collecting body taking your archive? (Legal, financial, emotional)
  • How would you assess the value of your archive?

The case studies don't provide the answers or a blueprint for photographers to follow; rather, they are intended to highlight different approaches and help individual photographers think through the implications for their own practice of managing, and making public, their archives.

We will add more case studies as funds permit. Ultimately, we hope these will lead to some guidelines or a toolkit for photographers.

Image right: Mark Power's studio